Thursday, 21 January 2021

Preschoolers PROCESS their THINKING

Preschoolers started Tuning in with the new unit on How The World Works. They have unlocked the Central Idea "All Living Things go through a process of change."  and identified the words to gain a deeper understanding on the unit. 

Words they came up with for our Chalk Talk Activity
Living Things: with heart | breathe | needs air and water | grow | move | needs love |
Process: goes round and round | first and then...
Change: .. from one thing to another

Using the Think, Puzzle, Explore sheet they have discussed in small groups about the different animals. They wrote down their thinking and things that puzzle them. 


Together as a class, we looked at the animals and sorted them according to animal groups. It was an interesting discussion and Preschoolers have proven how they have developed on becoming THINKERS and INQUIRERS.


Preschoolers explored PATTERNS inspired by Kandinsky Concentric Circles.

They explored different art materials to practice making the concentric circles patterns.


Colored markers.

Colored pencils.

Water color.

We will continue with the Art Unit on Patterns over the next few weeks. Preschoolers will also start FINDING OUT more about the unit. 


Thursday, 14 January 2021

How the World Works

Starting next week, Preschoolers will dive into inquiring on 'How the World Works'. An inquiry into the natural world (physical and biological), its human societies and human's impact on the environment.

We will be looking at the Central Idea that all living things go through a process of change.

Through the process, they will continue to be thinkers and researchers as they find answers to the Lines of Inquiry on patterns of growth, stages of a life cycle and factors affecting change. They also will develop their research, thinking skills and gain deeper understanding on the concepts on causation, change and responsibility. 

These Essential Questions will guide and frame the preschoolers' inquiry     on the unit.

1. What are the stages of the life cycle of a....?

2. What are the different patterns of growth?

3. How does human societies affect all other living things?

4. What are some ways where we can change the natural pattern in the environment?

A time for science and exploration for the preschoolers. A fun and exciting unit to start the year!

Friday, 18 December 2020

Preschoolers TAKE ACTION

This week, preschoolers ended the unit 'Who we are'. They have created posters with positive message to raise awareness about good choices. 

'When you make good choices, you will be happy." Anton

"If you give you give up, you will be sad." Amalia

"Pushing makes people sad." Haruka
"Making good choices make people kind." Tsubasa

"Use your brain to think." Lilli
" I will not give up!" Timo 

"To solove a problem, go to another games, talk it out, share and try again, ignore it, walk away." Keigo
"We can never do things if we give up." Evah

"Every problem has a solution." Shun

" I like to make good choices." Maelle

They went around the school and shared their message in the poster and answered some questions.



The preschoolers also planned and prepared their lunch. They realised that their choices have changed and now choose healthier food.


Let us continue making good choices!


Thursday, 10 December 2020

Preschoolers Express Themselves

Who We Are

As preschoolers continue to inquire about the unit, they ask people around to FIND OUT the answers to their wonderings.

Questions they asked are as follows:
  • What is a PROBLEM?
  • What are CONSEQUENCES?
  • Why do we need to make good choices?
  • Why do people make poor choices?
  • What will happen if we continue to do poor choices?


The responses were written here.

Next week, the Perky Preschoolers will talk about the responses and will go deeper in their understanding of the value of choices in one's self.


How do we express ourselves


How do we express ourselves through visual arts?

Perky Preschoolers started exploring lines and colours through water color painting. Using the crayon resist technique, they express themselves and created beautiful and colourful designs.





Please see their finished art works to be posted on their SEESAW.