Thursday, 24 September 2020

Preschoolers ASK QUESTIONS


How are the roles and responsibilities of the people at DSKI help make the school run smoothly?

This week preschoolers went around the school to find out the answers to their BURNING QUESTIONS.

Why do you look at the TV outside and look at the gate and the bus?
Why the bus driver pick up the students?

“Why do you Mr. Inman go to our classroom?”

“What do you do in school, Miumi-san?”

“Why do students need to learn to read and write?”

“Will schools be okay without teachers?”

Amalia asking Mr. Inman her question.

The preschoolers SORTED OUT the information they have gathered from their interview. They then made a connection to the members of the school community to the different parts of the body. They labeled each part with the members of the school community and explained why they decided to place them in each of the parts.

Thoughtful responses from the Preschoolers! 

Preschoolers looked into another important STORY ELEMENT - The SETTING.
Setting is the place and the time in the story. 




They were inspired and came up with their own idea for a story. 
They imagined and drew their own character and the setting! 
I can't wait to see how their story will progress! 

Friday, 18 September 2020

Preschoolers are THINKERS


Together, Perky Preschoolers came up with their own definition of a COMMUNITY and RESPONSIBILITY. 

In connection to our previous school tour, the Preschoolers are looking at the next community they belong to - SCHOOL. They have identified people they see at DSKI. They realised that they have a lot of questions and didn't really know who these people are and what their roles and responsibilities are in the school. 

They wonder......

Next week they will FIND OUT the answers to these questions by interviewing people in the school community. 

Maria's dad Temir Rashidova, who is a CHEMICAL ENGINEER came to school and shared with the Preschoolers what he does. He explained that engineers help make a HAPPY PLANET and clean sky for everyone. 



Dr. Sayuri, Shun's mom also came to school today to share with the preschoolers her roles and responsibilities as a DOCTOR.

Some interesting wondering of the preschoolers....
Why do you check people?
Why do you need to help each other in the hospital?

For the coming weeks, the Perky Preschoolers will be Finding Out about 2 important Community Helpers: POLICE and FIRE FIGHTERS.

Story Elements: Character 
Preschoolers enjoyed listening to Goldilocks and the 3 Bears read-a-loud. In the story Goldilocks (person)  and the 3 bears (animals) were used to introduce the first Story Element, which is the character. Characters think, feel and move. Preschoolers described how the characters think, feel and move.


Addition and Subtraction to 10
Preschoolers are continuously inquiring about the concept of addition and subtraction to 10. This week, they used bears to connect to their story, Goldilocks and the 3 Bears as counters. These concrete objects help them solve number problems. 




Wednesday, 9 September 2020

Preschoolers are Upbeat!

This has been an upbeat week for the Perky Preschoolers! 


This week the Preschoolers are FINDING OUT more about how roles and responsibilities make organisations run smoothly. They have shared their own roles and responsibilities at home. They have also introduced to the class the different members of their family. 

We have also invited Oxana Merineau to come and share with the preschoolers the amazing roles and responsibilities af a HOUSEWIFE and a MOTHER. 



Today preschoolers had their first IT lesson. They were taught the proper way carrying, returning and taking care of the laptops. 

They were also introduced to SEESAW! Mr. Huber came in and showed the preschoolers how to log-in in their account. They were excited to see some of the works that were uploaded in SEESAW. 

In Music, the Perky Preschoolers explored different percussion instruments such as drums, clapper, wood and stick. They also looked at the concept of BEATS - which is the steady pulse that you feel in the tune, like a clock's tick. It is something that you would naturally clap or tap your foot to.

Enjoy the video of Perky Preschoolers echoing the BEATS on their drums. 

Here are some photos of Perky Preschoolers in action!





Friday, 4 September 2020

Tuning in : How we organise ourselves

For our first unit on HOW WE ORGANIZE OURSELVES Preschoolers are looking at the central idea on, ROLES and RESPONSIBILITIES make organisations run smoothly.

They are inquiring about various organisations they belong to, roles and responsibilities and and different jobs in the community. 

Throughout the unit, preschoolers will develop and will practice how to be THINKERS, PRINCIPLED and CARING. They will develop strategies and show their learning through skills in research, self-management, and social skills.

This week, we have started TUNING in, in our unit and we used a routine called, SEE, THINK, WONDER

To check preschoolers prior knowledge and understanding of the unit, the preschoolers were presented with photos of different places in the community.

The next day, they were presented with pictures of the different community helpers.
They shared what they saw, what they thought and what they wondered about. 
They are continuously practicing and using the phrases:
"I think..."
"I see..."
"I wonder...."
to express their ideas and thinking.

Finally, they put together the places and the community which they thought should go together. It was interesting to listen how they were debating where to put some of the people in the community. 

Here are the final responses of the preschoolers posted in our Inquiry Wall. 



We also went around DSKI for a school trip. Using the thinking routine SEE, THINK, WONDER, we searched for some people in our school community. They were tasked to encircle the happy face - if they know the person, and the wondering face - if they do not know / not sure. 



This opened up for more wonderings!
Some preschoolers were brave enough and asked questions to some of these people in DSKI! 

Next week we will be FINDING OUT more about our Unit.